Claudia D.

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Claudia is a health coach and spin instructor. She enjoys long distance running and through her blog The Trendy Smoothie she shares with her followers her love for plant-based foods, non-toxic beauty, fitness and travel while encouraging them to live a healthy and active life.

Kelsey B.

pardon my french head shot

Kelsey is the writer and creator behind the life & style blog Pardon My French, an inspiration destination for the modern mom. She is a mother to four young kids, and a recent transplant to the Savannah area. When she isn’t in the depths of tantrum negotiations or taming her hair in the humidity, she enjoys a good cheat meal and a great cup of coffee. Her blog Pardon My French aims to give a lighthearted take on motherhood, beauty, and attainable fashion. To learn more about Kelsey and her work, click her picture!

Megan F.

Megan Fowler

As a busy wife, mother and teacher, Savannah Life-Style Blogger Megan Fowler definitely has a lot of content for her blog. She balances each aspect of her life like a perfectly timed dance and the result is magical. A Savannah native, she finds her style in the roots of Southern charm and grace. Pearls, ruffles, monograms and an over abundance of “Yes Sirs” and “Yes Mams” give her the girl next door vibe. She brings a certain flair to southern style with ripped jeans, boho vibes and perfect pattern play and firmly believes that you can never have too much jewelry. Megan brings a big city vibe with small town charm and does it all while wearing Target shoes and carrying a designer handbag.

Is Influencing for you?

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