How to Handle Hurricane Irma with Blend and Press Wellness Bar


Hurricane Irma is approaching the east coastline with aggressive force. Unfortunately for Savannah, a city that is still recovering from Matthew in particular areas will see its second category 2 (or 3) hurricane in just one short year.

Last October, Savannah took a tough hit, and no one would foresee the damage that was done not only to the community but also to the people living in it. One of the most damaging effects is the toll a hurricane can take on the human body. If you go online and search “nonperishable food” options, you will see junk, and furthermore, if you search “healthy nonperishable food” you will see a few fruits and the same long list of junk.

With a week of preparation and a city of people ready to evacuate, Word of Mouth PR sat down with one of our clients, Chelsea Dye of Blend and Press Wellness Bar. The intention of this sit down was to ask one simple question, “How do we continue living mindfully with food and health when we are either on the road or staying with an evacuation host?”

Chelsea took these common questions and made an education opportunity out of this for her business. She specifically asked the staff of Word of Mouth PR to come up with questions that would relate to her audience regarding maintaining health while traveling. She did not balk at one single question. Curious to the know the questions that were asked? You should be! These questions not only apply to frantic travelers, but they also apply to everyone on the road, for any reason! So what questions did we ask?


Are there plant-based foods that are nonperishable?

If so, which ones are sweet?

Which nonperishable foods are savory?

Which nonperishable foods are savory?

Are there any plant based foods that will keep you energized while on the road?

Which plant based foods fuel you to stay focused when driving long distances?

What are the best plant based snack to trave with in the car?

Do you have any recommendatios for kid-friendly plant based snacks?

What is the option if you must stop for fast food? What should be ordered?

Are there any plant based foods at gas stations that get overlooked and will work?




If you want the answers to these questions, you will have to jump over to her website and check out her blog BUT! If you happen to live in Savannah and haven’t evacuated yet, Blend and Press Wellness Bar is open until 2 pm today and is selling plant based rescue kits filled with plant based goodies for the road, greens on the go, and grab and go smoothies/cold press juices in a flash sale!

If you want to learn more about this incredibly executed “grab and go” style health restaurant, head over to their website and Instagram to find out how Blend and Press Wellness bar can fit into your everyday health practice!


Instagram: @blendpresswellnessbar

Blog by: Melanie DeFilippis

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Chris Brown for Athleisure Fashion Photogrpahy

If you have ever been criticized for wearing workout clothes on casual Friday, then it might be time for HR to catch up on the trend. Haven’t heard of athleisure? Let me fill you in on this multi-billion dollar niche within the clothing industry. Although athleisure may sound like a fashion trend revolving athletes and vegan bloggers, it is meant for everyone.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, (oh by the way, yes this is an actual word), athleisure is a “casual clothing intended to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” Athletic fashion clothing and lifestyle brands are evolving from durable workout gear to durable yet fashionable everyday use, which is why I have centered my client Chris Brown of Breezy photography around this growing trend.

According to Forbes, the athleisure trend is estimated to reach $350 billion in sales by 2020, meaning more opportunity surrounding this niche will arise. With a gift in capturing athletic fashion and everyday wear, I recently decided to have Chris Brown of Breezy Photography attend a charity event where nearly 100 people participated in 126 Sun Salutations. He captured some beautiful images of athletes and general guests wearing brands within the athleisure market. At Word of Mouth Public Relations, our goal is to help Chris move forward in building a portfolio in athleisure as the industry continues to grow.

For more information on Breezy Photography, please contact Word of Mouth Savannah by email