Public Relations

pub·lic re·la·tions

plural noun: public relations
  1. the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.


The Expectation

Word of Mouth is a public relations company with the mission to serve your organization through media acknowledgment. We emphasize exploring the unique attributes of each client by representing their brand and conveying their relevance within a specific target Market. We will challenge you as a client to work outside of your comfort zone and gain the notoriety that you deserve as a hardworking business owner. Our mission is to tell your story, engage the community, and encourage your end users to rally around you. At Word of Mouth, it is our mission to provide you with market research, brand insight, and a clear depiction of your success. As a part of our team, you receive transparent communication with each step taken to make you the industry leader in your good, service, and trade.

Every great business starts with an idea. As that idea develops into a business you must set yourself apart with creativity. Conceived from strategy and market research, the idea flourishes when it is consumed by professionals who sweat the details and will not rest until satisfaction is exceeded.

At Word of Mouth, we encourage the pursuit of success on an original idea. We encourage adversity and thrive on overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way. We believe that anything worth having is worth fighting for, and our gloves are always on.

We believe in thinking outside of the box and putting your brand on a platform that you might not have considered an option. We are strong, we are driven, and we believe in holding down the sidelines as you take the center of attention. Working hand in hand to develop your idea of perfection is the foundation of this company.




Print, Broadcast, and Online Placements

Social Media Influencer Placements

Product Placement

Editorial Events & Previews

Special Event Planning

Media Planning

Sample Trafficking

Promotional Tie-Ins

Influencer/Celebrity Endorsements

Charity Tie-Ins & Participation

Event Press Coordination

Launch Events

Store Openings

Brand re-launches

Brand Feature Stories

Social Media Management

Online Display Advertising


Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Optimization




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